Directional Drilling

John M. Phillips’ Directional Drilling services combine quality drilling equipment, premium software and experienced drillers to provide a full range of drilling solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost effective.  Our team has successfully drilled in a wide variety of environments including oil, gas, and geothermal and are available worldwide.

HawkEyeTM Software

HawkEyeTM provides well planning and directional drilling software with a 3D interface, powerful projections, and professional reports. The software can also accommodate advanced geodetics, torque and drag, error modeling, and anti-collision programs. The 3D space allows for substantive changes to a plan and extensive visualization from any angle, providing the most accurate well plan possible. HawkEyeTM also allows for the creation of customized targets, planes, lithologies, and casing indicators, creating a true to life diagram of the proposed well. One unique feature of this software is the Google Earth module, allowing the user to pinpoint project locations anywhere on the planet, complete with recent satellite imagery and superimposed county lines. If you are interested in learning more about this software, check out the informational video here.

Measure While Drilling

Our Tensor MWD system is designed for easy and efficient field transportation and assembly in several configurations, and can operate in temperatures up to 175oC (302oF). This unique design is retrievable, reseatable, and allows for efficient troubleshooting from the rig, resulting in reduced downtime and decreased lost-in-hole financial risk. Since 1971, the Tensor MWD has been providing precision directional drilling, establishing a reputation for high quality, reliable downhole systems for directional surveying and navigation. We also have the ability to operate in high lost circulation material situations through the use of Stepper Pulsers.

Electromagnetic MWD System

The Boregyde Electromagnetic (EM) MWD system is an electromagnetic directional drilling tool that provides high speed directional surveys in underbalanced drilling and lost circulation material conditions. The system employs the earth’s telemetry to provide a connection between the Down Hole Sonde and the Surface System via electromagnetic waves and has four different transmit power levels. This system is compatible with a wide variety of collar diameters and can be used in a vast array of environments, including high pressure/high temperature drilling operations (up to 15,000 PSI and 125oC).

Drilling Motors

Our drilling motors utilize a field-proven design to provide maximum power, performance, and torque. These motors have been engineered to provide increased drilling penetration and durability in vertical, directional, and horizontal applications. Drilling motor power sections are available in a wide variety of torque and speed combinations, including a high performance option for use in high temperature or oil-based mud conditions.